I've never really had much time for being pigeon holed and that is just how I like it, but if asked I would say when it comes to genre, “an eclectic mix of Country Pop/rock /roots to jazz influenced pop" - 'Adult Contemporary' would just about sum it up.


Some of my songs have been inspired by my travels, others by experiences in my life and that of others.


In addition I have produced two other albums under the name of 'Bryan Gray'  - 'Fool's Journey' and 'Standing Stone' these are ideal for meditative use.


From wherever the inspiration for my songs has come I hope you enjoy them as you wander through my website, but I’ll let you make up your own mind.

This is one of my all time favourite songs to share with you -

I've Got You Under My Skin

Previous Single Releases

The Boats of Avon

This song is about me growing up in Tewkesbury. Simply click on the picture to hear the song and watch the video. Also available at Bandcamp.

"Brilliant! Loved it" Adam Crowther BBC Radio Bristol

You can listen to my music at -

Let The Cards Decide

This song takes its name from the painting below bythe artist Vincent Kamp. Simply click on the picture to hear the song. Also available at Bandcamp

Let's Dance

Released on  the 7 April 2020. Now available on most digital platfoms. Simply click on the picture below.

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Touch the Moon

 'Touch the Moon'  can be accessed at Bandcamp

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My First Recorded Song

All of the albums below are available at Bandcamp or are on all streaming and download platforms. 'Fool's Journey' and Standing Stone' are only available as CD's 


"Don Henley meets Gordon Lightfoot"

1.    Southern States

2.    Crazy Day

3.    America Street

4.    You and Me

5.    Rendezvous Cafe

6.    Don't Say Goodbye

7.    Perfect Affair

8.    Missing You

9.    Something I Do

10.  Love Will Keep Us

11.  Miss Kitty D'Amour

12.  Monday Morning Blues

Jazz me Blues

1.    Milk Cow Blues

2.    Stack O'Lee

3.    A Bridge too Far

4.    Midnight Special

5.    Leaving in the Morning

6.    Big Legs, Tight Skirt

7.    You're Beautiful

8.    Don't Stay too Long

9.    St James Infirmary Blues

10.  Whispers on the Wall

11.  Peas an' Rice

12.  Sunset Blues

Fool's Journey

This is a concept album written and based around the major arcana cards of the Tarot. The whole album is a story tracing the journey of the Fool or Seeker. Fool's Journey will take you on a magical journey through life and will provide the opportunity to reflect, meditate and think about one's own passage through life.


Bluebird EP

Brian's six track EP 'Bluebird' Click on the tracks  -

  Solitary Man

  Friend of Mine

  Time Passes

  Steppin' Stone

  Simple Man


Rock the Yacht

1.    Daydream

2.    I Just can't Believe It

3.    You and Me

4.    A Pocket full of Dreams

5.    Perfect Afair

6.    Mr Wolf

7.    Part Time Lover

8.    Silly Boy

9.    High So High

10.  I'm Holding on Again

11.  Wasting Your Time

These two albums are available upon request..

A Pocket Full of Dreams

1.    Simple as ABC

2.    Easy Day

3.    I saw Her Before

4.    A Pocket Full of Dreams

5.    You're Beautiful

6.    Love Is......

7.    Lost You

8.    Moonlight Boulevard

9.    Back Home

10.  What A Thing To Do

11.  Late Night Avenue

12.  I Danced with A Dragon

Standing Stone

'Standing Stone' is four guided meditations to suit your mood. Set to music by Brian Inglis (aka Bryan Gray) and featuring  Bridgett Page on flute and Jacqui Inglis narrating. Each meditation takes you on a different  journey of inner discovery, bringing peace and  harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Each meditation lasts on average almost fourteen  minutes thereby  giving the listener  ample time to relax and reflect. This CD is suitable for individual or group work.

Do not use whilst driving.

And this folks is how it all started, a recently rediscovered song I wrote, performed and recorded with that great band Winter's Tale.


Just Look Around